About the Comic

Mechanically Inclined is an interactive sprite-based webcomic that began in August of 2018, and was inspired by the webcomic Blood is Mine by Matt "Morgenstern" Morgan. It follows a young woman named Alice Welch, and some of her co-workers, after Alice wakes up alone and injured in her workplace to find the whole building in disarray.

The comic updates roughly once a day, sometimes more. The plot of it is dictated solely by reader suggestions left in the comments section of each page, which leads to all kinds of shenanigans.

About Mochi

Mochi is a 27-year-old gremlin human who lives in the vast expanse of mid-Western Ontario, Canada. That's why there are so many extra U's everywhere. Like in the "favourite" button to the side, there. She started Mechanically Inclined in August of 2018 after tossing the idea around with her friend Morgenstern. All complaints should be directed to him (not really, please don't). She's been an artist and a writer for most of her life, and has had several failed long-form webcomic attempts in the past before discovering how easy satisfying pixel art and sprite comics could be. Her background in pixel art, specifically, goes back about 14 years to when she used to trawl around the pixel dolling community in it's heyday. If you ask her, she might show you some of her super old pixel dolls (but probably not). Sometimes she draws actual pictures, thought that's become a rare occurrence these days due to the fact that most of her time and energy gets spent being an Adult Person with a [sarcasm] super cool and fun job [/sarcasm].

Mochi can be found on Twitter as @lostgubbins, where she mostly tweets video game screenshots and sometimes actual words.