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Name: Alice Emery Welch
Age: 28
Race: Human
Preferred Pronouns: She/Her
Occupation: Mechanic

Alice is the main character. Currently, she works as a systems mechanic for a large lab. One day she was handed a seemingly normal assignment, and inadvertently ended up stuck in the middle of a whole heap of trouble. Alice is very smart and good with machines, and she can usually figure out how to fix most problems she comes across on her own. She's also fairly strong, and can wield her spanner as a pretty decent bludgeon. She's good friends with Taiki Ueda, one of the members of the ObsOps team. They started work on the same day, and have become good friends both at work and outside of it.


Name: Taiki Ueda
Age: 27
Race: Human
Preferred Pronouns: He/Him
Occupation: Operations Technician

Taiki works in the tech department, most specifically Observation and Operations, commonly referred to as “ObsOps” for short. His team oversees the daily routines of the lab's many systems. If there's a bug, it's usually Taiki or one of his coworkers who finds it. The ObsOps team also sometimes hands out assignments to the mechanic team, if there is a mechanical problem as opposed to a technological one. Taiki is a computer wizard, and knows the lab's systems inside and out. Alice and Taiki started work on the same day, and have become good friends both at work and outside of it.


Name: Yatrinea K'tali
Age: Roughly equivalent to 29 earth years
Race: Ballan
Preferred Pronouns: They/Them
Occupation: Roboticist

Trin is a Ballan, a member of an alien race that made contact with Earth roughly a decade ago. They work in the lab in the lower floors, specifically robotics, but sometimes are asked to help with other areas of research as well. They are incredibly intelligent. They have only been on Earth for a short time, and don't quite grasp the nuances of human behavior yet, so they are often confused by some of the choices their co-workers make. Nevertheless, they are fairly friendly and sociable, though a bit jumpy and often anxious or on edge.

Ballans have gender roles that do not easily align with the human-defined gender binary. As such, the race has largely adopted the usage of gender-neutral pronouns when dealing with Humans, for ease of communication. The most commonly used pronoun is the singular they. There are a few Ballans who have adopted male or female pronouns, but they are few and far between. It's common courtesy to address them as "they/them" or "Mx." (pronounced "mix" or "mixter") unless the individual requests otherwise.


Name: Pythia
Age: Unknown
Race: Artificial Intelligence
Preferred Pronouns: She/Her
Occupation: None

Pythia is an artificial intelligence, or AI, created by Dr. Nikhila Metaxas. She was originally created to test the theory that human behavior could be tracked and predicted based on context clues and past experiences. She essentially predicts the future, to an extent. She originally inhabited a computer rig located in a lab in the building that provided her with an environment as well as access to various functions and databases. Currently, she inhabits a prototype shell designed by a team lead by Suresh Kopek, an accomplished roboticist,
that was commandeered by her friends in order to allow her to further assist them in their endeavors. Her shell doesn't offer her much in the way of expressions, but she's used to that and largely uses her tone of voice to convey mood and intent.

Pythia was originally based on a figure from ancient Greek history. The Pythia was the title of the high priestess at the Temple of Apollo at Delphi, also commonly referred to as the Oracle of Delphi. As such, Pythia tends to have an affinity for Greek things. She makes use of the number Pi, and the emblem that appears often in association with her is composed of symbols of the god Apollo, namely a lyre and a laurel wreath, with her name written in Greek letters. The raven that often appears in her messages is also a symbol of Apollo. It's unclear if this is an acquired taste or a programmed one. Regardless, she seems to enjoy running with it.