#71. Look around.

5th Nov 2018, 12:47 PM

Look around.
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Mochi on 5th Nov 2018, 12:47 PM

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You remember that you took a Tim off one of the doctors you found dead on the floor you woke up on. You also realize it's kind of morbid to give someone else that Tim so that they can use it, but it would be good for Pythia to be able to carry things, too. You hand her Dr. Rodgers' Tim. She should be able to use it just fine, when you were looking at it earlier you didn't see any sort of blocks on it.

"Oh, um..." she takes it from you, looking down at it. "thank you. Being able to carry more than a few things would be a good idea."

No one questions why you have it or why you picked it up. You suggest that it would be a good idea to go through the cabinets and see if there's anything useful in here. Taiki joins you.

"Pythia," asks Trin, "are you knowing where to find Daisy?"

"No, unfortunately not," she replies, "I was trying to figure out where it was, but it has the fun of the whole system. It's very hard to pin down."

She perks up a bit. "Oh, but! Dr. Metaxas might have known!"

"Didn't you say you were pretty sure she was... well, dead?" Taiki asks, glancing over as he rummages.

"I'm fairly certain of that, yes," Pythia says, "but her emails or messages might have some information about other artificial intelligence projects going on in the building."

"This is true," Trin replies, "it is being very possible she was sharing information. It would be making sense."

"So, should we try and find her body?" Taiki asks, "we can get her Tim and see her messages, if she has it on her."

Pythia shakes her head. "That might take too long, and it runs the risk of us being found. I can access her computer if we go back to the room with the rig you found me in."

"Can you hack the computers?" Taiki asks, "because there's one here that might be useful, too. Considering it's in the place where they were building the fancy new prototype robot, and all."

"I actually know Dr. Metaxas' password," Pythia replies, her tone a bit sheepish, "It was one of the first things I figured out, and I don't think she changed it afterwards. But, I can certainly try accessing that computer. I might be able to get the last login and work from there."

She walks over to it, then looks down at her hands. She seems to consider them for a moment, and then the tip of one of her index fingers slides open to reveal a USB connector.

"Standard connection capabilities," she says, sounding pleased. "I had figured as much."

She plugs herself into the computer, and sets to work. Meanwhile, you show everyone what you've found. There isn't much that would be useful, but you found a set of fine tools for working on robotics. Taiki, similarly, hasn't found much else that could be useful, either. There's no food in the lab. That's pretty standard. You remember from science classes that eating or drinking in a lab setting is usually frowned upon, as it can taint results or the food could become contaminated and become a risk to whoever is eating it. In this case, you don't imagine crumbs would be very kind to the finer mechanisms that make the shell work.

You look down at the two drones on the floor and wonder aloud if it might be possible to disguise yourselves, or Pythia, as a drone.

Trin smiles faintly. "Not without taking much time to be stripping all components out of drone body. Also, would be sort of... one size fits maybe. Drone shell is rigid metal, no room for flex."

They shrug. "Besides, it would not be working for me at all. Human-shaped drone, Ballan-shaped Trin, is incompatible."

You concede that point. You Ballan-shaped friend would probably not be able to hide much of themself with a drone shell. But what about Pythia?

"She is slimmer than drone," Trin replies, "but much taller. Taller even than me, without counting of ears. We would still be needing to strip components out to have hope of fitting plates on her, it is probably not being worth effort to try. Would look... odd."

"I've managed to access the computer," Pythia announces, "there may be something of interest on it."

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The Bohemian on 5th Nov 2018, 2:06 PM

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Well what is it?
Also, ask if she has the secret stuff.
Like the top secret stuff.

PurpleKetchup on 5th Nov 2018, 3:20 PM

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Whew, she's not a Mac. Good job, scientists.

The last couple days worth of mails should be enough to get an idea.

Frission on 5th Nov 2018, 5:26 PM

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Suggestions from the previous few comics still apply, hopefully they're still in the pipe to be considered.

Let's gather as much information as we can from the computer and use that to refine those suggestions.

I wonder if Pythia can read the whole directory (relatively) instantly compared to her counterparts here? Would she be able to use her behaviour prediction abilities to figure out what Metaxas' colleagues were up to?

pkrankow on 5th Nov 2018, 7:30 PM

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Pull batteries, plasma cannons, store one cannon and see if we have time to set up another for hand use.

Consider taking the transmitter and other parts to spoof a drone signal, maybe in recieve only mode it can offer insight to movements.

psychoshen on 8th Nov 2018, 9:57 AM

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I'm curious about Tims again. How much can they hold? Could you say... store all the dirt from a massive tunnel? What's the individual item's size limit? Could I store a refrigerator? A car? A jetliner? Where I'm going with this is that you could use a Tim to store a bunch of things you don't need, then use it to create a barricade, which might be useful soon, to keep the drones from getting to us.

Of course we need to discuss what Pythia has discovered.